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This is prepackaged turnkey SCADA—optimized and managed entirely by Mission—with guaranteed pricing and an enhanced interface to make it easy as 1-2-3.

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With Mission Managed SCADA, you can:

  • install and deploy RTUs in a morning
  • monitor water/wastewater from anywhere
  • gain visibility to quickly identify issues
  • control your system to increase performance
  • simplify compliance reporting
  • increase efficiency while reducing cost

Optimized for your Industry

Mission-managed SCADA is simply a better approach. It works out of the box—the first time, every time. Traditional SCADA for water/wastewater requires you to build your own proprietary system. That means going through the specification and bidding process, then managing the engineering, construction, and debugging of a new technology. Mission remote terminal units (RTUs) are designed for the specific purpose of water/wastewater monitoring. By including only the necessary features in a single package, we are able to keep the cost low, minimize security vulnerabilities, simplify installation, and maximize reliability.  

Setting up your new system is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Fill out a few simple forms, and Mission staff will set up your web portal, label the inputs to your RTUs, and configure the call-out list.
  2. For the installer, our technicians are available to discuss installation best practices and help test inputs before a unit is put into production.
  3. With minimal training, adjust virtually all system parameters from your web portal using any device. Training webinars are provided weekly to familiarize new users—at no additional charge.

Included Out of the Box:

  • a SCADA system that’s up and running in a few hours—no programming required
  • purpose-built field RTUs with the features already built in
  • data access via web-based HMI, optimized for computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • reports, graphs, and data customized to your unique needs
  • highly flexible, customized alarm scheduling
  • a system that utilizes the data of most cellular networks for enhanced reliability—with all data charges included in the annual fee
  • a single point of contact for any issues or maintenance needs regarding your new system
  • predictable cost of ownership with technology obsolescence and price stability guarantees

Not Required:

  • maintenance and license fees that spiral up year after year
  • complicated radio path studies, antenna towers, and network maintenance
  • vulnerable and expensive phone or fiber lines that are easy to cut and complicated to repair
  • the headache and hassle of building and maintaining your own SCADA environment

Bedrock Data Protection Worthy of our National Infrastructure

Mission protects your data at every step—from RTU to end-user. Our extensive security measures are designed to reinforce your peace of mind and cover the entire cyber and physical security spectrum.

Trust Your Security to Mission

Cellular communication reduces the risk of interception at the RTU, due to the complex modulations and the spread spectrum nature of GSM, CDMA, and LTE technologies. With traditional private radio and wireless Ethernet-based SCADA systems, you have to implement encryption on your own. Many private radio-based systems are unencrypted, and point-to-point wireless Ethernet WPA/WEP standards are notoriously easy to circumvent. The beauty of Mission-managed service is that security issues are outsourced to the cellular provider and the professionals at Mission, so you can focus on what you do best.

Defense-in-Depth Security Strategy

Our defense-in-depth security strategy concentrates on layering security measures into the system. The system is monitored from several perspectives so Mission engineers can immediately identify anomalies. Some of the security layers include:
  • firewalls configured to minimize entry points and require high levels of validation
  • virtual private networks (VPNs) used to secure the constant connections
  • antivirus and anti-spam tools to block malware
  • industry-standard best practices pertaining to configuration and maintenance on all tools and subsystems


RTU Connectivity

  • The Mission RTU is purpose-built for specific tasks and is designed to accept very limited protocols.
  • The RTU operates without Windows or Linux operating systems and the accompanying security vulnerabilities.
  • The RTU uses an IP address assigned within a private range, and it cannot accept an outside connection.
  • Over-the-air data is encrypted with two algorithms—one at the application layer and one at the wireless carrier level.
  • Once encrypted data reaches the cell towers, it is forwarded to Mission servers over encrypted VPNs.

Cellular Data

  • Mission-designed RTUs send and receive data efficiently.
  • In the event of a runaway sensor, our technical support team will help you resolve the issue to protect data integrity.
  • All charges for cellular data are included in the annual fee with no separate overage charges or early termination fees.
  • Mission buys airtime from cellular carriers, aggregating it across thousands of RTUs. With over 20,000 RTUs in the field, we are the largest purchaser of cellular data airtime in the water/wastewater industry.

Secure Servers

  • Our servers are housed in a 370,000sq.ft. facility with a dual reinforced roof featuring a 125mph wind rating.
  • The facility has a single point of entrance with data center floor and secured areas requiring card key and two-factor biometric authentication.
  • Security guards are on-site 24-7-365 with active patrols both inside and outside the facility, while over 100 closed circuit video cameras cover the interior and exterior of the building.
Power supply protection includes:
  • four independent redundant power feeds
  • three unique uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems that deliver protection to the data center floor, including a backup generator capacity for each system
  • approximately 114,000 gallons of on-site diesel fuel that can provide three days of power for the data center at full capacity
Fire protection includes:
  • very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA) throughout the data center
  • pre-action dry pipe system that requires alert from two sensors
  • smoke sensors above raised floor
  • FM200 fire suppression used in transport room
  • facility engineers are on-site and available by pager—trained to control and maintain all critical facility components

Web Access

  • Access to your data is provided through a 2048-bit transport layer security (TLS) protocol.
  • All activities are logged and monitored. Repeated failed logins are blacklisted by IP address.
  • Access from outside the U.S. and Canada is automatically flagged for review.

Inside Threat Mitigation

  • Mission offers best practices to help our customers reduce the threat from either intentional or negligent security lapses by employees.
  • We provide four levels of user rights: public, read-only, administrator, and super-administrator.
  • We recommend that our clients assign a super-administrator to maintain credentials for all users and that passwords should be changed once every six months.

Guaranteed Price Stability

We will not increase our annual service fee more than the rate of inflation. Period. To our knowledge, no one else in the industry offers this pledge. We call it predictable cost of ownership, and we’ve provided this guarantee to all of our customers since our founding in 1999.

Low-Risk Field Hardware

We also guarantee affordable replacement hardware to protect your long-term investment. After the one-year hardware warranty expires, Mission pledges a low-cost replacement parts commitment. Simply stated, the cost of main circuit boards or radios will not exceed $250.
To read more about our business guarantees, download our Managed SCADA Brochure.

Mission Performance is Guaranteed Year After Year

You never have to worry about technology obsolescence with Mission. When we introduce new hardware and service improvements, customers utilizing Mission-managed service will have the opportunity to upgrade previously installed equipment to the latest offering.

Technology Guarantee

Mission guarantees that the radio telemetry technology will be available to you as long as you wish to utilize Mission service. If the original installed radio telemetry technology becomes unavailable or unusable for any unit then Mission will, at its sole expense, provide hardware to swap out and replace the non-performing unit’s radio telemetry module hardware.

Our Services

Learn how our services will put you in the center of your SCADA universe. From notifications and reports to to full technical support, our services ensure we deliver on the promise of a new and better way to SCADA.

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