Tank and Well

Remote Control for Water Systems

The Tank and Well system maintains the water level in storage tanks by automatically sending commands that signal remote well or booster pumps to turn on and off. The system relies on either a  MyDro 850 or M800 remote terminal unit (RTU) and a transducer to measure the tank level. There are no radio networks, computers, or PLCs to maintain. It is low-cost and easy to set up.

How It Works
The RTU at the water tank transmits level information to a nearby cellular tower. When the tank level is outside the user configurable level boundaries, a command is automatically sent to output relays on the same RTU or remote RTUs to energize pumps or valves and refill the tank. The Tank and Well software is offered in two packages. The first supports up to three pumps, and the second supports up to five pumps. RTUs may be connected to additional equipment such as chlorine monitors or other alarm inputs and can be solar powered.

Real-time alarms notify operators of high or low tank levels, excessive pump starts, excessive pump runtimes, AC failure, low battery, and more. Positive relay feedback business logic can notify customers to conditions such as “pump called to run but failed to run.” A situation like this could be the result of a burned-out pump or tripped breaker.

The web portal allows an operator with appropriate security credentials to adjust the pump on/off trigger levels and view current level readings. Trending graphs and reports are accessible on desktops and web-enabled devices such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Optimization and Money Saving Features
The software includes an optional pump alternator feature which cycles through each well pump connected to a Tank and Well system. It can also be set up to evenly distribute pump runtimes across all wells or alternate the lead pump to favor the well that has had the least water production in the last one to seven days.

Maximum runtimes can be set for each pump, and the system will alternate to the next pump once the maximum runtime is reached. This reduces the risk of damaging the water table by over-pumping.

The off-peak force fill feature saves money by filling the tank when electricity rates are lower than peak hour rates.

On the website the customer can:
  • View current and historic tank level
  • View real-time well call and run status
With administrator credentials the customer can:
  • Enable and disable alternation
  • Manually run or lock out individual wells
  • Set well control points
  • Set high and low alarm points

Download Product Data Sheet

Technical Specifications

At the tank
  • One MyDro 850 or M800, typically NEMA 4 enclosure (PN M802)
  • One MyDro 850 or M800 service package for real-time alarms and streaming data (PN varies by package)
  • One Tank and Well control package (PN SW587)
  • One 4–20 mA or 0–5 V analog level sensor, various PSI ranges (PN IT47X)
  • One level sensor surge suppressor (PN IT482)
  • One antenna extension kit, various lengths, optional (PN RF41X)
At each well
  • One MyDro 850 or M800, typically NEMA 4 enclosure (PN M802)
  • One MyDro 850 or M800 series service package for real-time alarms and streaming data (PN varies by package)
  • Interposing relays (PN PW479 or PW480)
  • One antenna extension kit, various lengths, optional (PN RF41X)
Refer to the MyDro 850 or M800 data sheet and the Accessory Catalog for more information.

You’re Never Alone

You will receive experienced technical support, including access to the people that built the system if needed. This includes comprehensive training, regular webinars, live support during business hours and after-hours support that is always available on a responsive callback basis for emergencies—at no extra charge.