Mission Communications hosts free, informational webinars every Wednesday. We encourage all Mission customers, distributors, and anyone interested in learning more about our fully pre-packaged, cost-effective, turnkey SCADA to join us.

These interactive webinars are designed for you to ask live questions about any monitoring or Mission subject you would like us to address. The focus of the webinars will vary week-to-week, with the general subject matter repeating on a month-to-month basis. You are welcome to ask questions about monitoring and Mission-related topics even if they are not covered by the topic of the week. When signing up for the webinar, GotoMeeting software will be automatically loaded to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. You may use the microphone and speakers of your device to listen to the audio and ask questions or dial into the toll-free number that is provided at the start of the event.

The monthly scheduled topics are organized around the following subjects:

  • Week 1: Survey of Features
  • Week 2: Hardware and Instrumentation
  • Week 3: Web Portal I—Unit Setup Options, Notification Setup Options, Alarm Groups, Website Tools
  • Week 4: Web Portal II—Advanced Features, Reporting, Supergraph, Volumetric Flow
  • Week 5: Special Topics—Digital Intertie, Tank and Well, OPC, and More

Upcoming Webinars

  The sessions are scheduled to start at 2p.m. Eastern time on Wednesdays, and typically last approximately one hour. If you can only stay for a portion, or if you need to join late, it is completely acceptable. Below is a list of the upcoming dates and topics.  
March 28, 2018Web Portal II—Advanced Features, Reporting, Supergraph, Volumetric Flow
April 4, 2018Survey of Features

You’re Never Alone

You will receive experienced technical support, including access to the people that built the system if needed. This includes comprehensive training, regular webinars, live support during business hours and after-hours support that is always available on a responsive callback basis for emergencies—at no extra charge.