Company Overview

Somebody had to be first. In our case, we were the first to use the digital control channel of the cellular network for monitoring, control, databasing, and automated alarm/status notification for fixed base assets in North America.

With today’s wireless technology, the only constant is change. Mission’s customers can always take advantage of the latest hardware and wireless network breakthroughs with our generous trade-in and upgrade policies

Mission does not just manufacture hardware—we supply the tools that provide customers the management information concerning their remote facilities and the people that maintain those facilities. The hardware simply gathers the information. Mission is continually upgrading its centralized management information services, which are immediately available via the Internet to all our customers.

Mission is committed to maintaining total customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality remote monitoring equipment and notification services, utilizing the most cost-effective wireless transport technology, and exceeding customers’ expectations.

Our choice to focus on the Water and Wastewater industries has allowed us to listen to customer suggestions and develop an intuitive and highly reliable service.