Lift Station

Mission RTUs are Engineered for Lift Stations

The M110 and MyDro M150 are appropriate for monitoring most duplex lift stations. Two digital inputs (DIs) are typically used to monitor pump runtimes and starts.  Another DI is used for high-level float monitoring and alarming purposes. The other DIs are available for items like phase fault, seal fail, or hatch door.

The M800 or MyDro 850 RTU is appropriate at master lift or pump stations, where real-time level information (every two minutes or 5% change) or other analog trending is desired. Additional insight of the master lift stations is available with real-time pump state changes on up to 8 pumps. This additional information allows additional flow reporting as described below.

Graphs of Daily/Hourly Pump Runtimes and Starts

Automatically collect, post, graph, and chart runtimes and starts. MyDro 150 and the M110 will collect up to three pump runtimes and starts, while the MyDro 850 and the M800 will take up to eight. Both systems will also track and report simultaneous runtimes in duplex lift stations as well as automatically notify users if a pump exceeds an adjustable hourly starts threshold.

Automated Pump Problem Analysis of Daily Runtimes

The Mission system can alert users of pump anomalies before they turn into expensive alarm conditions. Save time by letting Mission software catch pumps that aren’t running in their normal variance parameters, and automatically alert plant management in a separate notification list.

Estimated Flow Calculations

The MyDro 150 and the M110 estimate flow by multiplying runtimes by the gallons per minute (GPM) rating of each pump.

More accurate flow calculations are available with Mydro 850 and M800 RTUs via the volumetric flow calculation method. With a one-time entry of the sump surface area, the Mission system is able to calculate the volume of liquid that is pumped each pump cycle. Either the analog level reading or fixed heights are used in the algorithm.  The flow calculation is made even more accurate by estimating inflows during the cycle.

While users can connect a pulse or analog flow meter to a MyDro 850 or the M800 and have it report and graph instantaneous or integrated flow, the volumetric method is nearly as accurate, and much easier to implement.

RTU-to-RTU Automatic Control of Upstream Lift Stations

The MyDro 850 and the M800 RTUs will detect a high wet well level, send users an alarm and automatically call upstream lift stations to shut down or divert their pumps until the high level clears. Remote manual control of pumps or gates is also possible.

Integrated Site Activity Logs

From its inception, Mission has used electronic keys to track who is checking in and out of field sites. This allows management to maintain CMOM audit trails without resorting to soggy or illegible paper sheets kept at each station.

Don’t Pay For More Than is Necessary

Using traditional SCADA for the complex process control and large input/output needs that frequently occur in-plant makes sense but that level of complexity is probably unnecessarily complicated for simple lift stations and master pump stations.

  • Easily graph daily/hourly pump runtimes and starts
  • Send all lift station data into Mission software or through an OPC interface into the users own SCADA HMI
  • A complete system that costs less than most autodialers and a phone line
  • Free 60-day evaluations available

What You Will Need:

Not much, as Mission takes care of almost everything
  • Web-based SCADA software included
  • Software upgrades included
  • Website hosting and maintenance as well as technical support included
  • All wireless data and long distance telephone charges included
  • Archiving of historic device data included
RTU Maintenance and Upgrades
  • If there is ever an RTU problem, simply replace the board or radio at a guaranteed price that’s about 15% of a new unit—easy access to the RTU board and radio make changes simple.
  • In the event of a cell tower issue, Mission RTUs  automatically connect to another tower while the carrier corrects the issue.
  • Upgrade from  MyDro M150 to an M850 or from an M100 to an M800—simply pop out the old chip and put in a new one in approximately 60 seconds. Generous trade-in credits for the current unit are available.

You’re Never Alone

You will receive experienced technical support, including access to the people that built the system if needed. This includes comprehensive training, regular webinars, live support during business hours and after-hours support that is always available on a responsive callback basis for emergencies—at no extra charge.