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MISSION's products includes sophisticated software to alert you about site problems. Just move the mouse over the "alarmed" site to see its status.

MISSION Web Security

Encrypted Website Data
All MISSION customer web pages are secured using "SSL," which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL encryption is generally thought of in e-commerce applications. MISSION chooses to employ the same technology that was developed by the credit card companies to secure our customers' data.

What this means is that when a Internet browser connects to a server, the transfer of data between the browser and the server is encrypted using a 1024 bit key (imagine it like a house key that's about 15 feet long!). No one except the intended recipient can decode it. Even if a person intercepted the data packets, the data will be gibberish to them.

User Access Levels
The MISSION site allows administrators to specify what functions each of their web users can and cannot do. One of our customers has this set up in such a way that only an "administrator" login can turn on the remote generator, but the standard "Read Only" logins do not see that option.

Physical Security
MISSION's redundant servers are protected from unauthorized access using biometric (fingerprint) scanners, surveillance cameras, and a 24/7 manned security force.

The building also has dual, redundant Internet connections, on-site backup power generation, and is fortified to withstand a direct F-3 tornado strike.

Hacker Lockout
MISSION keeps detailed logs of both logins and failed attempts at logging in to the web site. An IP address will be automatically "locked out" for a period of time if a certain number of logins from that site fail. Each time an access fails, and when an IP address is locked out due to excess login attempts, a short email is sent to the technical support group. If the attempted username and passwords are close to an identifiable person, and the IP address "makes sense," we will call one of the notification numbers they have given us and attempt to remind them of their password.

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