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MISSION's high reliability RTU circuitry comes in a wide variety of packages to suit the installation requirements.

MISSION Tipping-Bucket Rain Gauge

This NOAA compliant rain gauge measures rainfall to 1/100th of an inch. Easily document "Act of God" rainfall events for insurance purposes. The rain gauge connects to the MISSION M-110 or 800 via the pulse adapter. When it rains the MISSION system will report rain totals every minute (M-800) or 15 minutes (M-110). Rainfall events can be graphed on the customer web site for comparison with runtimes. It's like having an ongoing I & I study built into your alarm system. Rainfall data can also be immediately sent into other software programs like Wonder Ware or Intellution. Rain gauge can be located at any existing MISSION RTU location or as a separate standalone rainfall monitoring station that can be solar powered!


  • Lift Station Inflow/Infiltration Studies
  • Hydrological Studies
  • Meteorological Studies
  • Insurance Documentation
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