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MISSION Adds Rainfall Monitoring More Information

Detailed Rainfall Histories, In Real Time!
MISSION's M-110 and M-800 RTU's offer the capability of connecting to industry standard rainfall tipping buckets and reporting rainfall totals. MISSION can supply NOAA compliant rain gauges or use your own. With MISSION you can monitor rainfall events and totals as it happens. This gives you precious minutes to prepare for floods or spills. MISSION M-100s will report rainfall in 1/100th inch increments on a 15-minute basis. M-800 RTU's report totals every minute! The MISSION system can then graph rainfall on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This gives you and your engineers the ability to analyze wet weather events in great detail. There's no need to wait weeks to collect rainfall data and spend time and money entering it into a database. Rainfall data can be exported to Excel spread sheets, CSV files or can be fed to existing SCADA systems via MISSION's OPC software link.

Place Rain Gauges Where You Want Them
MISSION's ultra reliable 3rd generation cellular data links will work across the block or across the county. This means you can position your rain gauges wherever you want. Some customers have placed rain gauge stations over 100 miles from their home location. This lets you build the monitoring network that's right for your needs without breaking the bank or relying on someone else's data.

Stand Alone or Integrated Packages
Rainfall monitoring is just one more job a MISSION RTU can perform. Position rain gauges at selected lift stations for just a few more dollars. Now you'll get alarms, runtimes, starts and rain data, all from the same unit. If you need to monitor just rainfall, MISSION supplies a complete rain gauge station including stand, leveling plate, rain gauge and solar cell, all in a small, convenient package.

Compare With Pump Runtimes and Flows for I & I Studies
MISSION's solutions look at the big picture, and studying inflow and infiltration in a collection system is one of the biggest. Before you spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions on sewer lines or plant capacity you need long-term data on I & I. Compare rainfall data from government sources or your own rain gauges with pump station runtimes or flow meter data, all on the MISSION system. MISSION supplies long term graphing tools to give you the big picture. Many of these graphs can be cut and pasted into your own reports. With a MISSION system you can easily show what's happening in your system to the City council. With MISSION, there will be no questions.
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