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MISSION Monitors Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Stations More Information

Pressure Transducer Proper operation of a PRV station is essential to providing a reliable supply of water for both domestic consumption and fire protection. As either primary or backup SCADA, MISSION RTU's can help ensure that pipe's pressures are within the proper range.

Continuous Data or Alarms?
With MISSION analog inputs you can easily monitor the high and low pressure sides of your PRV stations. MISSION will even provide (and power) the pressure transducers. The only question is, do you want to see the pressure data continuously or receive only out of bound pressure alarms? The M-110 can continuously monitor the two pressures and send alarms if preset limits are exceeded. It will check in every night and report the day's high and low pressure values.

If you want to monitor and track pressures continuously use the MISSION Model M-800 RTU. The M-800 is "always on" and sends data real-time to MISSION's secure customer web site, MISSION's Real Time Viewer HMI program or to existing SCADA systems (or all three). The M-800 will also send high and low pressure alarms. Both models are equipped with MISSION's exclusive electronic key readers to track site access and maintenance.

Solar Power Option
Many PRV stations do not have power. Not a problem for MISSION. Both MISSION models are very power efficient -- a small (21-watt) solar cell is needed to fully power either model, and the pressure transducers too.
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