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MISSION takes advantage of new technologies to increase the performance and reliability of the system .


MISSION Text and Pager Notification

Depending on what type of pager you have, MISSION offers several different formats for the alarm notification message:

Smart Phones and Cellular Phones: Almost everyone carries and cell phone and more often smart phones are being used. You can receive alarm notifications via phone call or text message. The setup for both methods is very simples. Let us know the email address (7703135695@vtext.com for example), or phone number and wireless carrier, and we'll take it from here. Smart phones also hahve the ability to access the Mission mobile web portal so you can see your system while on-the-go. As with the two-way pager, you can also reply to the text message with an "OK" and we'll cancel the callouts for that alarm.

Numeric Pager: You will receive a numeric message that looks like:

                    877-991-1911 * 12345

Simply call the toll-free automated messaging center and enter the five digit event code.  You will hear the site, alarm description, and other pertinent site data, and be given an opportunity to acknowledge the alarm (or be told that someone else has already accepted it). The number is easy to remember -- with different punctuation it's 1-877-9-911-911.

Alphanumeric Pager: The text message will indicate the site, alarm, time of the alarm, and other site info.  There are several formats from which to choose, ranging from very brief to quite detailed -- you can select which type you receive right from the website based on the maximum length message your pager carrier allows.

Two-way Pager: The text message you receive can be selected just like for the alphanumeric case.  If the recipient responds to the message with a simple "OK" reply, the message will be acknowledged, without having to phone in to the message center.


MISSION notifies them all!

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