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The MISSION central computer facility is located at Quality Technology Services' (QTS) hosting site in Atlanta, Georgia, which supplies the equipment with fully redundant power and Internet connections.  Access to the servers is only granted to key MISSION employees after biometric identification, and the site is fortified to withstand a direct F3 tornado hit.

MISSION also maintains additional backup equipment to mirror the QTS servers. Operations at both QTS and MISSION are continuously monitored by a third off-site computer system. Software operation and communication links are tested continuously, and all historic data is archived weekly. Individual customers' historical data can be automatically forwarded to them on a scheduled basis for off-site archiving.

Messages arrive at MISSION Control from field RTU's located anywhere in the country within seconds. As they come in they are logged into a large database. The compressed data packets are immediately decoded, made available for web display, and distributed to any number of customer chosen notification destinations. MISSION operates “notification” computers (which handle voice and pager alarm notification functions) at different locations for additional redundancy.

A 24-hour Consultant

MISSION Control analyzes the data and displays it. From field RTU status, to wireless network health to pump runtime variances,  MISSION automatically watches customers' field equipment and flags anomalies. This frees customers to focus on their field operations and not “watch computer screens” all day. MISSION will alert customers if problems, or potential problems, are detected. MISSION is constantly upgrading its analysis formulas -- customers don't pay extra for the upgrades; they simply receive better and better analysis. MISSION is also continuously improving the reports that deliver this analysis, thereby saving substantial customer time in management and state EPA report preparation.

MISSION Integrates With Existing SCADA

For customers that already have a substantial SCADA investment, MISSION Control provides a perfect compliment or backup. Data from any MISSION RTU can be simultaneously transferred via secure socket connection to any OPC-compliant SCADA software package. MISSION has hundreds of I/O, analog and function “tags” which the customer's system integrator can incorporate into existing screens and reports. All MISSION RTU data can be viewed simultaneously on MISSION's customer web site. If the customer's SCADA computer goes off-line or becomes inoperative, you can switch to MISSION's alarm notification facilities to dispatch alarms.

Stand alone, complimentary, or backup, MISSION fits right in.
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