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Although your application may seem unusual to you, MISSION has probably seen it before.


Analog, Digital, Pulse Totalizing Inputs and Relay Outputs More Information

Lift Station Cross SectionMISSION Model M-110s and Model M-800s can monitor and report data from virtually all water instruments. The common I/O circuit board for both models has two analog inputs, eight digital inputs, three relay outputs and two optional pulse totalizing inputs.  Several overhead and supervisory channels are built in to communicate data about AC voltage, battery level and wiring faults. The analog inputs have four alarm set points each and can be scaled and labeled. MISSION data graphs are colorful and easy to read; great for reports. When MISSION calls out alarms for these inputs, the system will actually speak the alarms in the scaled values such as, "Low tank level at 15.5 feet" or "Chlorine is low at 0.45 parts per million." The eight digital inputs and their fault and normal conditions can be label in any way. The pulse totalizers also can be labeled in any way, and the pulses scaled for any type of sensor.

Easy Expansion
MISSION RTU's allow you to expand your SCADA system very economically. Just choose your instrument, a MISSION RTU and fill out the set up sheet. MISSION will set up your unit's information and you'll have data the same day. Because of the extraordinary coverage of the data side of the cellular networks, most any location you choose will work reliably. Long term trends and raw data files can be downloaded from the secure MISSION web site.

MISSION Fits in With Existing SCADA or Operates Stand Alone
The data from instruments monitored with MISSION RTU's can be accessed from MISSION's secure customer web site or can be immediately transferred to customer SCADA systems via MISSION's OPC software. This means instrument data sent from MISSION RTU's will show up in customers SCADA systems exactly as from other RTU's. MISSION is a perfect partner for expansion.

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