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MISSION Transmits Flow Meter Data More Information

Manhole Cover
Better Data -- Less Money
More and more utilities today are studying flows in sewers and storm drains. The benefits are obvious: better operations, less spills and better use of capital improvement funds. MISSION brings even more value to this monitoring by providing real-time access to flow data and reducing field labor costs collecting the data. MISSION provides low power, low cost wireless RTU's that connect to flow meters and automatically send back data to secure customer web sites. MISSION can even provide high or low flow alarms via phone, pager, fax, email or direct to your existing SCADA system via OPC links. MISSION's RTUs utilize ultra reliable 3rd generation cellular data links. This isn't the old dial up cellular or CDPD, but the cutting edge encrypted links that power the wireless web. And it will work where you need it; coverage just isn't an issue any longer. The data side works where your cell phone won't.  No more running phone lines into sewers or astronomical cellular bills from run away dialers. MISSION's solution ensures reliable links and low, flat service fees which include all cellular airtime. The solution is perfect for permanent or temporary installations.

Continuous Logs or Daily Totals
MISSION's Model M-800 RTU continuously sends analog, digital and pulse total data just like a dedicated phone line or private radio link, yet for far less cost. It can produce detailed graphs of activity from two analog inputs and additionally send continuous updates of flow totals from totalizing pulse outputs.

The M-110 series RTU can deliver hourly high, low, and current analog flow values as well as flow totals from a pulsing output. Both units can be programmed to generate alarm calls when flow thresholds are exceeded. Both units are small and can be economically powered by solar panels. In some cases, the RTU can power the flow meter itself.

Compare Rainfall With Flows
Both model RTU's can additionally be equipped with rainfall gauges, sending data on 15 minute, or 1 minute, updates when it rains. Use this live, localized data to analyze rainfall effects on flow. All this from the same reliable system that monitors your lift stations and other remote equipment.

Save Money by Reducing Labor
Reducing the labor needed to collect and analyze flow data can add up to big savings. Many MISSION customers have proved that the system pays for itself in field and administrative labor savings alone. Not to mention the added benefits of pinpointing system failures or timely alarms before problems become spills.
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