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MISSION's high reliability RTU circuitry comes in a wide variety of packages to suit the installation requirements.

MISSION Products Feature Comparison

Historically, autodialers have used phone lines. Problems associated with these included high monthly phone line cost, notification setup inflexibility, and lack of traceability. SCADA systems use expensive leased-lines, or a single radio frequency inefficiently, and are prone to interference (both intentional and unintentional).

MISSION uses public cellular data networks to enhance the reliability and reduce the cost of performing functions traditionally performed by autodialers and SCADA systems.


Email and Pager Notifications

Battery and Antenna Included OPC


Data Transmission Rate
  Manhole Monitor - Sealed transmitter, in-sewer mounted including high level float used to detect sewer overflows Check Check Check On Alarm Condition,

Battery status and signal status once daily

  Model 110 - Full monitoring system available in three packages for indoor, outdoor and panel installation Check Check Check On Alarm Condition,

Hourly pump runtimes and starts. Optional rainfall, analog levels, and flow

  Model 200 - Remote, solar powered rainfall level transmitter Check Check Check When 0.01" rain detected,

Nightly battery and channel status

  Model 800 - Streaming analog data, and automatic relay control based on analog or digital inputs. Check Check Check Digital: Immediately upon input state change.

Analog: Values update every 7 seconds to 2 minutes.

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