Manhole Monitor +

Sewer Overflow Alarm and Tracking System

Track Manhole Surcharges and Overflows
Floats tipped by surcharges and high levels signal Mission servers to initiate notifications via phone call, email, text message, fax, and pager. Secure web portal offers CSO and SSO reports that include the date, time, and duration of CSO and SSO events with corresponding rainfall amounts.

Reliable Communications
The Manhole Monitor Plus features our game-changing RMDT1 cellular radio, which supports multiple wireless carriers with an embedded SIM. This allows the device to switch carriers as needed for reliable data transmissions. Data payloads are fully acknowledged—unlike SMS messages. There are no radios to program, cellular contracts to set up, or software programs to buy. Dual SIM (active/active) configurations are available for added high availability benefits.

Easy to Access Information
The top facing e-paper display shows the last information reported and can be viewed without removal of the device from the bracket. The device can be configured from your web portal.

Long Operating Life
The highly efficient electronic circuitry is powered by a high ampacity field replaceable lantern battery. Under normal CSO, SSO monitoring applications the system can operate over 5 years on one battery.

Simple to Install and Maintain
The device installs in the chimney of the manhole using a versatile mounting bracket that accommodates the float cables and can be adapted to sloping walls. The in-ground antenna is installed adjacent to the manhole. Antenna and float terminations are home runs eliminating the exposure of the harsh environment to terminations. Installation can be completed with common tools and does not require manhole cover modifications or entry into the manhole.

Waterproof, Self-Contained, and Safe in Sewers
The downward facing bell shaped IP 68 rated enclosure features double seals for the ultimate environmental protection. The intrinsically safe device is injected molded from carbon fiber ABS plastic and third party certified for use in hazardous sewer environments.

Managed Service—The Complete Package
The service includes all communications, data storage, alarm call-outs, reports, and technical support. Alarm conditions are recorded and reported in real-time while device health status is transmitted daily. All data and reports can be accessed from any web-enabled device, and the data is archived forever. No engineering or programming is required.

Original Manhole Monitor (the predecessor to Manhole Monitor Plus) specs can be found here.

  • Advanced RMDT1 cellular radio
  • Top facing E-Paper displays shows last information without wakeup requirement for convenience and power efficiency
  • Double-sealed bell shaped enclosure for ultimate durability
  • High capacity lantern battery for longer operating life and convenience
  • Supports optical or electro-mechanical floats

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Technical Specifications

  • Corrosion, static, and impact resistant carbon fiber ABS plastic enclosure
  • Double sealed lid for Ingress protection
  • Enclosure hangs on Included bracket or can be attached to wall with screws
  • Field replaceable RayOVac 808 6.0VDC 36.6 Whr lantern battery
  • 5-year nominal lifetime when sensing optical float tip
Float Inputs:
  • 2 Electromechanical floats included; Optical floats can be purchased if desired
  • 2 Dry contact inputs are available which can be connected to electromechanical float, hatch door sensors or other passive digital switches
  • Configurable debounce delay for nuisance alarm prevention
  • Photo detector for notification on change of light typical of sewer lid removal
  • Built in Inputs Include board temp, battery voltage and cellular signal strength
  • North America (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon + Canada)
  • Embedded SIM plus removable SIM option
  • In-ground, omnidirectional (PN R8003)
  • SMA male (cable) to SMA female (enclosure) connection
Included Installation Hardware:
  • Stainless steel, multifaceted mounting bracket
  • TapCon stainless steel masonry bolts, four 1 x 3/4 in, and two 2 x 1/4 in
  • 3/16 in diameter masonry drill bit
  • 2 carabiners
  • Tie wraps
  • Asphalt sealant
  • Drying agent
  • L: 6.68”, W: 4.32”, H: 7.88” (H: 9.88” including connectors on enclosure)
  • Enclosure: 3 lbs. (with battery installed)
  • CAD files available for enclosure and mounting bracket
Configuration and Diagnostics:
  • E-paper display
  • Remotely configurable via web portal and cellular network
  • Top facing E-Paper display shows most recent transmission even when device Is dormant as well as diagnostic Information
  • Operating: -10 to 50 °C
  • Display: 0 to 50 °C
  • USA: Certified Class I, II, III, Division 1 Groups D-G, T1 and Intrinsically Safe
  • Canada: Certified Class I Zone 0, Ex ia IIA Ta Ga
  • EU RoHS compliant
  • Enclosure and electronics: 5 years
  • Battery: 5 years based on 400 transmissions per year
  • Floats: 1 year
Optional Accessories:
  • Above-ground antenna (PN R8006)
  • Replacement in-ground antenna (PN R8002)
  • Pole mount antenna kit (PN RF8005)
  • Replacement RayOVac battery Model number (PN PW445) also available locally
  • Electromechanical floats: 10 ft float (PN IT8401), 20 ft float (PN IT8402), 30 ft float (PN IT8403)
  • Optical floats: 10 ft float (PN IT8410), 20 ft float (PN IT8420), 30 ft float (PN IT8430)
  • Masonry drill bit, 3/8” x 24” (PN T8000)

You’re Never Alone

You will receive experienced technical support, including access to the people that built the system if needed. This includes comprehensive training, regular webinars, live support during business hours and after-hours support that is always available on a responsive callback basis for emergencies—at no extra charge.