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Although your application may seem unusual to you, MISSION has probably seen it before.


MISSION Monitors and Controls Wells More Information
Water Faucet Monitoring and controlling your wells has never been easier. Install MISSION on your wells and here is what you can get:

  • Automated Control
  • Remote Control
  • Pump Call Status
  • Pump Run Status
  • Failure To Run Alarms
  • Well Runtimes
  • Well Starts
  • Well Flow
  • Well Head Pressure
  • Monitor Chlorinators
  • Daily/Hourly Production Graphs
  • Alarm on AC failure
  • Connect MISSION to existing tank level/well controllers and not only get rid of expensive, unreliable phone lines, but also begin to receive real SCADA information. With MISSION on your tanks and wells you'll get a clear picture of what's happening, in real time, not a days or weeks later. MISSION M-800 series RTU's transmit data virtually continuously. This isn't simple on/off "tone phone line" data -- it's full, complete SCADA. All data can be accessed on MISSION's secure customer web site, using its Real Time Viewer HMI program, via the WAP web site, or linked into an existing SCADA system.

    MISSION To Existing SCADA
    Using MISSION's reliable, secure OPC software you can send data into existing SCADA systems. In addition to using MISSION web screens, you can simultaneously send MISSION data to your existing SCADA system screens. Information from MISSION units will look exactly the same as existing SCADA units -- nothing new for your operators to learn. MISSION gives you a perfect way to stage the retiring of older SCADA units while bringing up MISSION units. With MISSION you can convert all at once, or one at a time and never miss a step.

    Reliable and Secure
    MISSION's 3rd generation cellular data links are extremely reliable, and they are secure. MISSION's cellular links meet the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard recommended for use by the AWWA. 
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