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MISSION's high reliability RTU circuitry comes in a wide variety of packages to suit the installation requirements.

MISSION Solar-Powered Products

MISSION offers several solar power options. The M-110 has a solar operating mode allowing the M-110 to monitor pulse inputs and digital inputs for alarms while drawing only 1 milliamp! This means a very small (6" X 6") solar cell can be used. Monitor high/low level floats, water meters or rainfall with a small, NEMA 4 unit.

For more complex solar powered installations MISSION offers a 21-watt solar cell. This cell allows both the M-110 and M-800 RTU's to be up and running continuously while still being solar powered. Additionally, this solar cell has enough power to add an analog level or pressure sensor. Real-time remote tracking of lake/water levels or pressures has never been easier.


  • Solar Powered Rainfall Monitoring
  • Solar Powered Water Line Pressure Monitoring
  • Solar Powered Water Meter Reading Monitoring
  • Solar Powered Float Monitoring
  • Solar Powered Dry Contact Monitoring
  • Solar Powered Water Level Monitoring

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