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MISSION's high reliability RTU circuitry comes in a wide variety of packages to suit the installation requirements.

MISSION Level Sensor

MISSION's Submersible Level Transmitter is specially designed to provide the convenience of direct submergence in many types of liquids for quick, accurate, and reliable level measurement.

Simple design and rugged construction provide long lasting service with virtually no maintenance. The transducer indicates the level of liquid by continuously measuring hydrostatic pressure via its sensing element, an ion implanted silicon semiconductor chip with integral Wheatstone bridge circuit. Once the sensor measures the pressure, the data is scaled and converted to a 4 to 20 mA output signal. This design provides for excellent linearity and repeatability, low hysteresis and long term stability.
Our standard transducer includes 40 feet of sealed cable, is calibrated for 0-13.8 feet of water.  Included is a 316 stainless steel weight and "feet" to give stability to the transmitter when used in an agitated liquid. 

It is easy to install, too -- simply lower the transmitter into a vessel or well. All the electronics are mounted inside the submersible 316 stainless steel housing.

The transmitter is optionally available calibrated for any span needed from 0 to 7 feet (0 to 2.1 meters) of water up to 0 to 690 feet (211 meters) of water, and many different cable lengths.  Contact your MISSION sales representative for more information.

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