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MISSION Reduces Meter Reading Costs More Information
Water Meter
A New Answer to an Old Question
Every water and waste water system has many large water meters. MISSION Model M-110's can easily read those meters automatically on a daily basis. By simply outfitting the meter with a pulsing output a MISSION RTU will totalize the pulses (gallons) and send an hourly or daily total. Create trend reports showing where the water is being used. All water use data can be accessed in table or graph form from your secure customer web site.

Save Money Through Automation
Whether it's for billing or water use trends, manually reading commercial and industrial meters in time consuming and expensive. You can install a MISSION RTU in about two hours and have the data delivered to your office the next morning. With the increased workload in today's environment, saving a few man-hours a week really adds up. With MISSION you won't have to build or install any radio network equipment. MISSION RTU's use the ultra reliable cellular data channels (no voice call is ever made) to send in the meter readings so you can easily install the RTU's anywhere in your service area. Start out with a few and add as needed. All airtime and central web services are included in one low monthly fee. With MISSION there never any hidden costs. In fact, we'll even guarantee the fees will never go up more than the consumer inflation rate.

Solar Power Option
MISSION has really thought through this application. Most times there is no AC power at the water meter. No problem. The MISSION M-110 was designed to operate with very little power. A small (6" X 6") solar panel will power the entire system. MISSION can also supply small, attack resistant antennas. This all adds up to an easy to install system that will last for years.
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