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MISSION continuously strives to increase the performance and reliability of the system by taking advantage of new technologies.

Press Release - Partnership Agreement Funding MISSION Signed
ATLANTA, November 18, 1999-- John Collings announced today that he signed an exclusive funding partnership with Glenn Robinson, former Chairman of the Board and founder of Scientific Atlanta (NYSE:SFA). “I am very pleased to have reached an agreement with Mr. Robinson to fund MISSION Communications. His extensive electronics and radio background along with his considerable financial strength allows MISSION to move the business forward at full speed,” said John Collings, President of MISSION Communications. “Mr. Robinson is also investing in another control channel company, OmniMetrix. Having them as a sister company will allow us to have many economies of scale and the ability to share technology platform development.”

“John Collings has been involved in control channel communications for over 4 years and his core design team has also. John’s team already has sophisticated product development and rollout experience; more than anyone else in this arena,” said Glenn Robinson, principal investor.

“Today’s agreement will allow us to focus on product development and rollout instead of being distracted with capital funding issues,” said Collings. “I know we have the ability to bring a revolutionary series of products to the water, wastewater and general industrial markets.”

MISSION Communications serves the wireless alarm and telemetry data/control needs of the industrial and utility markets. MISSION specializes in AMPS cellular digital control channel and Internet communications for monitoring, controlling, databasing and automating alarm and status notification of remote site systems. For more information on MISSION Communications visit the web site at: www.123mc.com.

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