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Although your application may seem unusual to you, MISSION has probably seen it before.


Transfer MISSION Data Into All Open SCADA Systems More Information

Binary Data For customer with existing SCADA systems MISSION offers its OPC server software. MISSION developed this software and it has been tested with all major suppliers of HMI software like WonderWare™ and Intellution™. This package allows MISSION RTU's (M-800s, M-110s and M-80s) to feed its alarm and status data into an existing SCADA system just like in place RTU's or PLC's. Your operators can't tell the difference from an existing RTU and a MISSION RTU.

The MISSION OPC server software has hundreds of data "tags" so analog, digital, virtual (AC failure, unit on/off line) and pulse totalizing inputs can feed data to your SCADA system. It even has "write to" tags to control MISSION outputs in a secure manner. The program itself has status tags so monitoring the online status of the link is a snap.

Customers Have New Options
Because on the incredible coverage and performance of the 3rd generation cellular data network MISSION RTU's will work reliably almost anywhere. You don't have to settle for poor performing sites or high "one off" expansion prices. Compliment your SCADA system with MISSION RTU's and get 100 percent performance for a price that will make the commissioners smile.

Advanced Data Security
MISSION RTU links employ the 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standards recommended by the AWWA and Homeland Security for communications links. The OPC network link to your facility is encrypted and is typically set up as a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs utilize private addresses and are used by banks and financial institutions to transfer billions of dollars each day. These security measures far exceed most any data protection methods used today in the SCADA industry. Don't believe us, simply ask your current SCADA suppliers to provide you with information on the encryption their system uses. You may be surprised to find their answer is "we don't do encryption."

Hybrid SCADA Systems
MISSION OPC is a perfect way to easily migrate away from older, unreliable SCADA links to state-of-the-art performance. Engineering firms have dubbed it "hybrid SCADA" and are using it to design more cost effective and reliable SCADA systems for their customers. Combine this with MISSION performance to guarantee a solution that delivers the best of both worlds.

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