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MISSION delivers the data quickly and reliably using a variety of unique methods.


OPC - Compliant Data Delivery
MISSION provides a simple, cost effective way to integrate MISSION RTU data into that received from traditional SCADA systems.  You can deploy MISSION RTU's where needed and receive data just as with traditional RTU's -- to your SCADA system MISSION will look just like any other RTU.

Compliments Existing SCADA Systems
MISSION’s OPC server software allows customers to continue using existing SCADA RTUs while adding MISSION RTUs to their system. The OPC software transfers MISSION data into “tags” that existing SCADA HMIs can read and build screens from. Operators can’t tell the difference between MISSION RTU's and existing RTU's. This allows for seamless additions or migration. 

MISSION systems are polled. The human machine interface (HMI) polls the OPC driver which polls the OPC Enterprise servers for updates.

Safe and Secure Data

Data encryption is used throughout the MISSION system. The design only allows for the customer’s software to retrieve data on request and only from MISSION’s servers. No other Internet traffic is allowed, period!  For even higher security, MISSION will set up a virtual private network (VPN) between the customer’s computer and MISSION. This is “Bank Grade” security and MISSION is happy to discuss the details with customer’s IT departments.

Easy and Inexpensive to Implement

MISSION can set up an OPC customer in less than 30 minutes. Download the software, enter the encrypted passwords and the customer is up and running. The customer’s HMI software team takes over from there, instructing the SCADA software to look for “tag” changes in the MISSION database. Customers simply pay a one-time license fee. Redundancy copies and upgrades are free. There are no other charges or recurring fees. Dealing with MISSION is easy.

Compatible With All MISSION RTU Models

The OPC server software can be used to get data from any of MISSION’s RTU models. From the Manhole Monitor and M-110 to the always-on M-800, customers receive data as it happens. This way customers use the models that best suit their needs and budgets!

Relay Control is Easy and Secure

The OPC software allows the HMI software team to turn on and off MISSION RTU relays. Commands are typically executed in just a few seconds, and confirmation “tags” prove it happened. This allows the HMI software team to write flexible, reliable control schemes.

Continue to Use MISSION’s Powerful Web Site

Since all MISSION RTU data traffic moves through MISSION’s server centers, customers can still use MISSION’s industry-leading web based HMI screens even though the data is being immediately forwarded to the OPC server software. This means plant operators see the screens they’re used to, while other employees can view the data through MISSION’s web screens from their offices or at home. Customer’s data can even be viewed on cell phone screens or wireless PDA devices. It’s like having a fully redundant SCADA system and database.

MISSION’s OPC server software is a perfect way for MISSION to provide data to existing SCADA systems.  Now it is easy to add RTU's for fill-in, expansion, backup, or to serve hard to reach sites.

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