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MISSION's products includes sophisticated software to alert you about site problems. Just move the mouse over the "alarmed" site to see its status.

MISSION Main Map Display
As soon as the user logs in to the MISSION website, a map of their devices will be displayed.  The shape of each icon shows what type of device it is, and icon is also color-coded as to its current status,   The map refreshes every 10 seconds so data displayed is always up to date.  The border color of the map is keyed to the highest level alarm condition displayed on the map.

Operation couldn't be simpler: simply move your mouse over the site in alarm on the map.  A small popup will show all the pertinent data at a glance.

  • Quickly Assess Problems
  • Efficiently Direct Corrective Actions
  • Reduce Operator Errors
  • Reduce or Eliminate Operator Training


  Feature Benefit
  Web based system From the office, home or laptop customers can easily monitor their system status. No special computers or software to maintain.
  Continuously updated "World at a Glance" See alarm status, where field personnel are and pump run status. Color coded and animated symbols provide simple identification of status or alarm problems.
  System overlaid on geographic map Intuitively see localized problems like area wide AC outages, high flows or low water system pressure events.
  “Mouse Over” provides site status detail Provides instant access to data while preventing the main screen from being confusing or cluttered.
  Pop up screens show unit-specific data logs Access alarm, runtime, rainfall or site access logs with a single click. No confusing menus or commands to remember. Quickly drill down and assess years worth of data. Perfect for CMOM improvement programs.


Clicking on the site's icon allows the user to "drill down" to more specific site information...


There's even data about who was called about a particular alarm...

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