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MISSION's high reliability RTU circuitry comes in a wide variety of packages to suit the installation requirements.


The M-110 has a solar power mode and makes a perfect low power rainfall measurement system. MISSION offers the M-110 pre-packaged and wired to perform remote rainfall measurements.  This package includes a stand which ensures sturdy mounting, holds the solar panel and antenna, and has a built in leveling plate for the rain gauge. The stand holds the rain gauge three feet off the ground as recommended by the USGS for rain gauge stations.

The M-200 firmware will check for pulse inputs (rain gauge trips or "tips") every 15 minutes. If there have been any tips (representing a rainfall measurement of 1/100th of an inch) the M-200 will fully power up and send the rainfall total. After the M-200 has successfully transmitted the data it will wait for 1 minute and then return to “sleep”. The M-110 will continue sending 15 minute updates as long as it’s raining.

Customers that are used to the M-110 “beeping” during data transmissions will note that this unit doesn’t. MISSION has deliberately turned off the noisemaker (except in start up mode) to save power in solar mode. Additionally, the electronic key reader on the M-110 is not functional in solar mode. Again, this is to conserve power.

Some customers have attached an alarm door contact to the NEMA 4 housing door. This provides a means for service people to show that they are inspecting and cleaning the rain gauge on a routine basis, as the M-110 will send the door opening and closing.  MISSION highly recommends this, as a good inspection, cleaning and calibration schedule must be adhered to if the rain gauge is to be accurate.

In addition to the rainfall readings, the M-200 will also power up ever night at midnight and send a solar report containing battery voltage and solar charging minutes for the day. This ensures the solar power supply is operating normally.

  Feature Benefit
  Daily testing and reporting of solar and battery data Confidence in unit and site's performance
  Includes Rainfall tipping bucket, stand, solar cell, antenna, and battery Nothing else to buy
  Utilizes digital cellular data channel Better coverage, higher reliability than voice channels
  Digital cellular radio included Highest output power allowed by FCC
  No radio networks or repeaters to maintain No additional sites to install, interference issues dealt with by Telco personnel
  Units automatically self enroll into system No installation delays

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