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Electronic Keys

Electronic keys tracks site visits, acknowledge alarms and place the RTU into Service Mode.


MISSION Electronic Keys
A unique part of the MISSION system is its use of electronic "keys." These keys are issued to all field personnel, and are easily kept on the person's key ring. Each durable and inexpensive key has a serial number which uniquely identifies the holder.

When the person who acknowledged the alarm gets to the site, they simply touch the key to the key reader located on the side of the RTU. The RTU transmits the identity of the person who arrived on site and logs the arrival time. This simple action puts the RTU in "service mode" so no nuisance alarms are sent while the problem is being fixed.

When the service person is finished, they touch the key to the key reader again to put the RTU back in normal operation mode. The RTU transmits another message informing MISSION's servers that the service is complete. All site accesses and times are logged at the customer's web site.

Site alarms can even be acknowledged through use of the electronic key. For example, a service person might get an alarm on their pager while they were in the field. They could simply go to the alarm site and use their key. With one touch of the electronic key they
  • Log in as Having Arrived on Site
  • Acknowledge the Alarm
  • Place the RTU in Service Mode

It has never happened, but should the service person forget to put the unit back into normal operation mode, the RTU will automatically do it after one hour.

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