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Although your application may seem unusual to you, MISSION has probably seen it before.


MISSION M-800 Perfect for Water Boosters More Information

The MISSION Water Booster Model M-800 is ideally suited for monitoring and controlling water booster stations. The M-800 can monitor and display the pump run status for up to eight pumps. It has the same underlying main circuit board as the M-110, but is supplied with an advanced cellular data modem. This standardization means field personnel only have to learn one type of unit. These data modems allow virtually continuous information of pump station operation. The operator can see pumps turn on and off, and pressure levels rise and fall in real time, and track system pressures over time with ease.

Reliable Backup, Redundancy and Security
Many customers with existing SCADA systems have used the M-110 RTU as a basic alarm system. The M-110 operates on the ultra-reliable data side of the cellular system, not the voice side. That makes its "data link" completely separate from private radio or phone lines. Simple failure alarms (AC or pumps) are called out, or can fed into your existing SCADA system. The cellular data link is encrypted using the 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standards recommended by the AWWA for SCADA communications. Should the telemetry links fail, you'll be notified within minutes.

Data Into Your Existing SCADA System
Many of MISSION's customers already have an existing SCADA system. We offer an OPC based software package that feeds MISSION RTU data directly into many different SCADA software packages such as WonderWare™, Intellution™, RSView®. MISSION data will appear on your screens exactly the same as your existing units -- nothing new to get used too.

Device Control
Manual control is just as fast, and continuous data means you can see the results instantly. One site or 100, the speed is the same since site is in a different cell, rather than all trying to communicate on a single frequency as in polled SCADA.

Standard Alarms
Alarms of any type (AC failure, pump failures) will be called out via phone, pager, email or fax, and are set up using the same secure, web-based setup pages used for the M-110.

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