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Antenna Options

MISSION offers optional remote mount, vandal resistant and high gain antennas to suit the installation requirements.

MISSION Antennas

MISSION has spent years testing and understanding its wireless data partners and their respective technologies. MISSION is confident that these partners offer the best national wireless data transport services providing the widest coverage and highest reliability. Although MISSION utilizes professional grade antennas and coaxial cable in all its RTU's, there are occasions where alternate antennas may be required.

Low Profile Antenna Kit

MISSION's low profile antenna kit includes a 3 dB gain omni directional low profile antenna with a NMO base. This antenna replaces the standard 3 dB gain whip antenna included with all MISSION RTU's. It is intended for protected sites where inconspicuous antennas are desired. It can be used in areas with low to medium signal strength.

Vandal Resistant Antenna Kit

MISSION's vandal resistant antenna kit is similar to the low profile antenna except tha the antenna has a steel mounting bolt with a N-type connector at the base of the bolt. The kit includes 12 feet of RG-58U coaxial cable. Longer low loss cable is available. The body of the antenna is made of a tough pored epoxy and can withstand substantial  vandal contact. The antenna is intended to mount to sturdy stainless steel NEMA control panel enclosures or on access hatches for submersible stations. It is intended for unprotected sites where vandalism is anticipated. It can be used in areas with low to medium signal strength.

Pole Mount Antenna Kit

This antenna option (shown at left) is intended for sites where there is low signal strength and outdoor mounting is required. The pole mount antenna kit includes a 3 dB gain omni directional antenna mounted on a galvanized L-bracket with pole clamps. The kit comes with 15 feet of RG-58U coaxial cable or can be ordered with up to 50 feet of RG-9913 ultra low loss coaxial cable.

High Gain Directional Antenna Kit

MISSION's high gain directional antenna kit includes a 12 dB gain Yagi directional antenna with pole/mast mounting hardware. The kit comes with 25 feet of RG-9913 ultra low loss coaxial cable with a step down to SMA connector. Optional 50-foot cable assemblies can be ordered. The antenna is intended for used use in extremely low signal strength locations and should only be used when omni directional antenna options prove unreliable.


Coaxial Cable Options
Extending antenna coaxial must be done with care. The longer the coaxial cable, the more signal loss there will be. MISSION recommends RG-58U coaxial cable for cable runs of 15 feet or less. For runs greater than 15 feet MISSION only supplies RG-9913 coaxial cable; the best "ultra low loss" cable. MISSION will only supply this cable in up to 50-foot lengths. If the installation requires more than 50 feet it is best to remote the MISSION RTU rather than use longer coaxial cable lengths. In these circumstances contact MISSION for engineering advice.
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